Sunday, July 15, 2012

Popped! 19 Weeks and Counting

I have so much to report about this week, Week 19 of the baby bump. I realized yesterday that I had officially not thrown up for a whole week! I think it's over. Now let me warn you sisters that haven't been pregnant yet, morning sickness does NOT go away when you hit your second trimester. As you can see, mine lasted through 18 weeks. Yep, 18 glorious weeks of throwing up in the work bathroom between meetings. And I'm just being silly, the weeks really have been glorious, I promise. Vomit or not, this is such an amazing miracle that I can't even talk about this pregnancy without tearing up (or bawling like a baby in the shower, but tearing up sounds more glamorous). So I think I've hit the sweet second trimester part that everyone talks about, much less nauseousness and no more vomiting. I've been able to eat almost anything and feel great for most of the day.

And the best part about this week is that I've completely popped out! Everyone even notices and agrees now. I've said it's an odd world when a girl gets her feelings hurt when people say they can't tell she's pregnant and rejoices when people agree about how big she is.

Be prepared to be shocked by this picture below. These are side by side photos of 17 weeks and 19 weeks in the same shirt. I promise, they are only two weeks apart. I know, I know, pick your jaw up off the floor now. My doctor told me at my last appointment to try to gain a pound a week on average before I saw her next. I think she will be thrilled (or tell me to slow it down) when I see her in two weeks! What do you think?

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