Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend David and I had big plans to spring clean (yep, 50 degrees in January!) our garage and start making our project plan for what we want to do to the rest of our house. We want to tile our kitchen and replace the counter tops. We still have to pick out paint and paint our bedroom. And we have to completely redo our downstairs. So we spent some great time with our friends on Friday night and went to bed early, excited for the next day.

And then David woke up with the stomach flu. I have never seen this poor guy so sick (And that's even with seeing him with the flu on our wedding and honeymoon...). He was so sick all day Saturday that I didn't even want to go downstairs without him. At one point I spent a couple of hours cleaning out my office and came back upstairs to find him even sicker. So the rest of the day was me rushing around the house with the Lysol and running Gatorades back and forth whenever he could stand it. It was a long day and just miserable for him.

So we didn't get our projects started, but we did get to spend some quality time together. :) I'm sure he didn't appreciate it though. I am just crossing my fingers hoping I don't get it....and washing my hands every five minutes.

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