Sunday, January 29, 2012


I just got home and I'm homesick. I had the best weekend with Sister #2. After work Friday I drove straight to her house. Dave and her fiance left to go hunting (for pheasants?) in Western Kansas. They have the best time on these weekends and Sister #2 and I use these as little getaways to drink wine, let our doggies play together, and just catch up. And that's what we did. It was wonderful but it always makes me so sad when I come home to my house and she's not here and David's still gone. I know, it's kinda pathetic, but it's true.

Last night we made a wonderful dinner that I can't wait to make again.

These look a little funny, but they are popover type things ( I guess I dont know the name) that are filled with shredded sweet potatoes, spinach, onions, and cheese. They are wonderful and I can't wait to make them soon as my husband comes home!

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