Friday, August 8, 2014

Quick Side Dish

Last night I had every intention of making the bacon and brussel sprouts mac and cheese that I posted last week ( ). I took an even shorter short cut though, and it turned out delicious as a side dish!


I had a Velveeta shells and cheese in my cabinet, some brussels sprouts, and bread crumbs. I made the shells and cheese and steamed the brussels sprouts and threw those two things together in a bowl and dumped them in a pan. I sprinkled bread crumbs on top. And just like that, I had a yummy and quick side dish to go with our BLTs and salads. It was a really delicious, simple, summer dinner.

We have been BLT obsessed lately because of all the fresh garden tomatoes people keep giving us. And our salads included fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from my mom’s garden. I don’t want summer to end!


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