Monday, August 11, 2014

A Great Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend with my best friend in town with her sweet family. Friday night they got here after work and stayed until Sunday afternoon.  We spent time just hanging out, eating, and catching up. Saturday we swam and Sunday we let the kids run around the mall because this weekend was actually pretty rainy. That ruined our plans to go to the park or orchard, but I think everyone still had a great time!


Annabelle has been so much fun and so flexible lately. Friday David took the day off and took her to the lake. I love the relationship they have; it’s really indescribable. And all weekend she played and played with her two little visitor friends and had the best time. It’s so special to me to see her with my best friend’s daughter. They are 21 months apart, so you know David and I spent the weekend daydreaming about our two girls running around playing just like them someday since ours will be 24 months apart. Neely and Belle’s favorite activity was to run, run, run. They were so cute running as fast as they could through the house and up and down the street. I love how much joy they find in just running and playing.

These sweet friends live just 4 hours away but we can only seem to figure out how to get together about 3 times a year. It’s tough, but each time I am so relieved to see that it really doesn’t matter – our girls are great friends somehow and it feels like Emily and I pick up right where we left off months earlier. I am so thankful for this friendship.

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