Monday, August 11, 2014

22 Weeks

I have really been trying to cherish this pregnancy and not wish away the time, but it’s so hard because we are so very excited to meet this baby girl. I am already more than halfway and feeling better. I’m still very tired and thinking that at any point I should regain my energy. It’s really hard for me to be so tired. I am always on the go and feel like I’m being lazy, but I cannot stay up at night. After work and spending time with our crazy and fun little Belle, I am exhausted and falling asleep on the couch by 9! I’m not kidding. My husband is amazing. He works all day, picks up all the slack with the household chores, and has unending energy with our daughter.

I do feel much better and have for about 4 weeks. I am still vomiting every few days, but nothing like earlier in the pregnancy or with how I still felt around this time with Annabelle. I have been either walking or using the elliptical instead of running in the last ten days, because on my last run I really started having some weird pains. I’m sure it was nothing, but it scared me a little bit so I decided maybe I need to try something else – maybe this little girl doesn’t appreciate the jogging because I haven’t had those pains or tightening when walking or using the elliptical.


I haven’t had crazy cravings and I haven’t been as hungry as I was a few weeks ago. I have to admit something silly though, I truly have been craving and missing having a drink on the deck with my husband. I am not a big drinker or anything, but in the summer and early fall especially, I miss putting Belle to bed and having a glass of wine or a beer with David. I know this is a ridiculous complaint, but I really do look forward to it!


Even though I’ve been so tired, I cannot sleep great at night. I’m already feeling uncomfortable and toss and turn. This is way too early for this to kick in. I’ve been telling myself to buck up since I have at least 4 more months of this!

I am wearing maternity pants and shorts, but I'm still squeezing into my non maternity work dresses because I hate buying expensive maternity work clothes. As you can see though, I can't keep that up much longer - they are getting a bit too small for this growing bump.

Other than missing the booze and sleeping on my stomach, things are going great! We think this is my last pregnancy so I am trying to remember each and every detail. And I don’t want to wish it away because by the time this little one gets here, it will mean Annabelle isn’t an only child anymore and that she is 2 years old! Let me tell ya, Annabelle is going to be the BEST big sister. She is baby crazy! I love thinking about these two together.


And we might have picked sweet baby girl’s name this weekend! Although, we thought that a few different times with Annabelle and then didn’t truly pick hers until the day she was born so we will have to see.


Happy Monday friends!

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