Thursday, August 21, 2014

Belle'a Room

This weekend I am going to get some of the boring things completed on Belle's new room so I can get on with the fun things!

I need to do the following (without wine which is what I usually use to get through lame projects):

- remove the wallpaper border
- clean out the closet to prepare to move Belle's things in. Currently we have gifts and gift bags stored there.
- tape the trim off (my least favorite part of painting) 
- assess what paint supplies we need

Then the fun begins. I already bought one set of sheets - just plain coral - and a white bedskirt. We are planning to paint the walls light turquoise. I have grabbed about a million samples.

I want to use more blue than green:

I saw this darling little bird feeder in HGTV magazine and think it might be cute in a corner of her room.

And I will definitely be on the lookout for all the yellow accessories we can find. She still requests yellow outfits each morning and proclaims that our baby girl's name is Yellow. 

Here are some cuties I found on H&M

Sweet girl.

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