Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Library Again

I went back to the library today to re-check out a couple of books and pick up new ones. I haven’t quite finished my current book, Golden State. It’s really good, but I keep falling asleep in the evenings when I’m reading. I’m almost done but knew my hold on the new one ended today so went ahead and checked this one again and grabbed my new one! I can’t wait to finish this one and start The Hurricane Sisters over the weekend.

I also did something funny and re-checked one for Annabelle. I never know what she’s going to like, but she has absolutely loved this Quick Duck! book. She giggles and giggles on each page. I figured out most of that is because David does funny things and tickles her when he reads it. No wonder she always wants him to put her to bed. I hope she likes the next two I grabbed too.


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