Monday, June 30, 2014

Holiday Week!

You all know how I love celebrating holidays all week long. Independence Day is right up there on my list of very favorite holidays. Okay, so I don’t love fireworks. My husband thinks I’m a grumpy old woman. I glare out my window on work nights when kids are still setting them off at midnight on work nights, but I will do better this year – I will try not to glare.


But I absolutely love celebrating our freedom, praying for those who are fighting for it (and their amazing families), watching “coming home” videos, and cooking out.


I received the usual text first thing this morning from Sister #2. We share any good stations we can find that coincide with our holiday weeks. It helps keep me in the right frame of mind while at work.

I turned my Pandora on as soon as I logged in and started the day with this goldie.

And of course, Miss Belle, will have five days (at least) of 4th of July outfits. Day 1 (and my adorable husband). 


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