Thursday, June 19, 2014

14 Weeks

This week I started feeling a little bit better. There were two mornings that I woke up and didn't get sick or even feel that sick. It was magical. I got sick with Belle daily until around 21 weeks so this is great that it's already letting up a little. 

I am officially wearing maternity clothes and loose dresses lately if I want to be comfortable. I tried wearing my regular pants one day and was so uncomfortable!

I have still been drinking milk non stop (so gross!) and wanting corndogs or pizza almost every day. I'm hoping that as I feel better and better my healthy habits will come back.

My mother in law today said she has a feeling this little baby is a boy. It's so fun for me to think about either way. I looked at some baby bedding today. I get giddy thinking of rocking this tiny new baby.

Be prepared to see lots of bathroom selfies throughout this pregnancy.

Today was the YWCA Women of Excellence lunch. I had some friends nominated and it was a wonderful time celebrating some powerful women in our community. 

I am so excited for our weekend. We have some fun things planned. Have a great weekend friends! 

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