Sunday, October 21, 2012

Packing for the Hospital

I have just started thinking about packing a bag for David and me and a bag for our baby girl for the hospital. My friend helped me get started on a list this weekend. Does anyone have any other things they wish they would have taken or things they couldn't have gone without?

For our bag I know I need the following:
- Chapstick
- Suckers or popsicles
- Camera and charger
- Phone charger
- Warm socks
- Comfy clothes
- Extra layers for David in case he's freezing while I'm sweating
- Hair ties
- Things for nursing ( I won't scare you with all the things on that list)
- Boppy

For her:
- Special blankets and swaddles
- Going home from the hospital outfit
- Diapers
...I know they will have everything for her at the hospital, but I want her to have some of her own things like this.

What else would you suggest?

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