Sunday, October 21, 2012

One Short Year Ago

One short year ago,  I was about 25 pounds lighter and had just finished up a half-marathon with my friend Molly. I know this because she ran it again this year, her third year in a row. She is such an inspiration to me. I remember back on our runs we talked about a lot of things. I really cherish those runs with her. One thing I remember talking to her about was the idea of getting pregnant and having a baby. One short year ago I was running 13 miles and day dreaming about having a baby someday. And now it's so close. So I may not be preparing for a 2 hour run and I may feel like a beach ball, but let me tell ya, I am still daydreaming about this perfect day that I get to meet our daughter and I have never felt stronger.

And if you need a chuckle, check this out. Here's what I looked like from the side one short year ago (in the bring green):

And here I am now...a little bit lumpier, but definitely feeling stronger than ever:

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