Sunday, March 4, 2012


This weekend was packed completely full of friends. Friday night some of our friends all met us for David's Rotary's Spaghetti Dinner. This was so touching to me because everyone is busy. And I mean busy. Sister #1 and her family are trying to get her house ready to sell, The K fam are moving into a new home, and The Ps are busy with their tiny baby girl and hosting small groups and friends almost every night of the week. And yet, we all found time to spend together this weekend. A lot of time! So much wonderful time that I found myself tearing up at church over and over, thinking about how very blessed we are.

Here are some of the pictures of just some of our amazing friends and their beautiful children who all seem like nieces and nephews to us.

Mrs. P and Mrs. K at the K's new house! Look how excited Baby P is.And right below, little miss K. How adorable are these kiddos?


Nephew #2 enjoying the spaghetti a little bit. 

Nephew #1 excited about the spaghetti!

 Little Miss K with her uncle at spaghetti.

Sister #1 playing with Baby P.

My wonderful Brother-in-law helping Sister #1 and her family prepare to move...Yeah, that would mean my brother-in-law spent his Saturday helping his sister-in-law's sister's family wash windows and move furniture. Told ya I was blessed.

And then we spent our Saturday night watching Little Miss K and Baby P. David and Baby P had a lot to talk about. 

And this is The P's cat, Baxter. He needed to lay and hold David's hand for a bit.

So other than waking up early to work for four hours Saturday morning (didn't think you wanted pictures of that) and going to HyVee with my cute husband, you've seen it all. Pretty adorable weekend, dontcha think?

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