Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend After Weekend

I tell ya, I don't think my heart can take much more of this before it bursts. Last weekend was such a blessing to me, to be able to spend time with my best friend and her one year old daughter, and now this weekend too was jam-packed full of love.

Once again I woke up Saturday morning to hop in the car and hit the road. This time to Columbia. And this time my beautiful mom rode with me so the drive was even more wonderful. And this time the trip was to celebrate Sister #2 and her upcoming wedding. She is one of my favorite people to get to celebrate. If you've ever been around her, you know her love for her friends and family and her love for life is completely contagious. I can feel it in my soul that it's time to be around her when we've been apart too long. It's completely refreshing and exciting.

There is so much going on right now in all of our lives. Sister #1 is selling her house, Sister #2 is getting married, Sister #4 is getting ready to graduate, work is busier than I ever imagined, my friends are raising their babies, my mom is running back and forth to Florida to be with her dying brother, and I'm busy falling more and more in love with my husband (who bought me a new dress and shoes to wear to the shower and put new windshield wipers on my car and stocked it full of my favorite treats and cash for the trip - such a sweet sweet man!) I think it's times like these, when it seems like there is actually no time at all to spare, that it's even more important to make these special trips.

From the minute I got to the shower, I was overwhelmed with happiness and peace. I hope that your weekend was as memorable and peaceful as mine was. And if it wasn't, make sure next weekend's is.

 One of the beautiful hostesses and me

 My gorgeous mom

 Sister #1 and Sister #2 (the Bride to Be!)

 Missing Sister #4


One of the yummiest cupcakes ever

This isn't from this weekend, but I just wanted to show off what I get to come home to after running around all weekend. Love these boys!

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