Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Do You Use NuVal?

Do you follow this blog yet: http://dineanddishchicago.blogspot.com/

Dine and Dish is a brilliant career woman who won't brag about her successful job, an amazing wife who doesn't talk all that much about her marriage, and the sweetest friend...not to mention an unbelievable cook. Her blog is about food - the experience of cooking and the way it brings people together.

This past weekend I was able to spend some quality time with her, eating her amazing vegetable quiche and chatting about all of the thing she usually doesn't chat about, including her job. I learned she has a ton of information she should be sharing with all of us that will help with grocery shopping. I did my shopping this weekend using the NuVal codes she told me all about. Instead of me repeating it, which I planned on doing, just pop over to her blog and check it out for yourself.

Thank you Dine and Dish!

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