Saturday, March 10, 2012


Here is a post all about food. Ya ready? I'm serious. It's about food and health and what we have been eating lately. It's probably boring, but I would love to read a post all about new recipes to try. So here goes it.

You might remember a post about these yummy pocket things Sister #2 and I made during a relaxing weekend. Well David and I made them a few nights ago (and I will post about what else happened that night next...).

To make these you shred raw sweet potatoes, saute garlic, onions, and spinach, and pocket it all together in a dough. We used crescent rolls this time. It was amazing - let me tell ya!

Then, on the morning of my 26th Birthday, David surprised me with whole wheat toast and an omelet he made himself. It was stuffed with avocado and tomato and was so wonderful!

And tonight we marinated chicken all day and then grilled it (plus enjoyed a little cocktail on the deck in this beautiful spring weather!). We made some homemade salsa, and covered the grilled chicken with the salsa, black beans, corn, avocado, and a little cheese. It was so warm and beautiful outside today so it was a perfect grilled dinner.

And of my Birthday gifts that has already changed my food processor!!! I can't wait to make so many yummy, healthy dishes from this little puppy. (Please excuse the Saturday outfit...this is the first Saturday in weeks and weeks that I haven't had to work; I was lazy and decided a hat and wife beater would do just fine.)

So now, please send me any and all yummy recipes for my food processor. What do you make when it starts getting warm out and you get to fire up the grill and cook?

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