Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Isn't This a Blog About Books?

So glad you asked. I have been reading. In fact I've been reading like crazy and just neglecting to share. Sorry.

Last night I stayed up a good part of the night finishing the most amazing book. I get very involved in all the books I read, as you know, and this one was no different. And this one forces you to get involved and stay involved. Forcefully enough to keep me up into the weeeee hours of the morning just to finish it.

Jeannette Walls tells a story, her story, about survival in her memoir, The Glass Castle. It is completely chilling and unbelievable - however, it's true. She wrote her memoir beautifully. I cried and laughed and felt like I should be praying for the tiny little girl in this book - knowing deep down that it would all turn out okay because she was a grown woman now, writing the book herself.

If no one has told you before, I highly recommend you read this book. Each of us has issues growing up. Most people's lives aren't fairy tales. And Jeannette Walls's wasn't even close. But she was strong and survived and is sharing her story with the world. It's inspiring.

So inspiring that I just ordered another book by her - Half Broke Horses - and I can't wait for it to come.

In order to share this story with you, just in case you won't buy it yourself just on my recommendation, I am going to give one of you my copy. What do you think of that? I decided to start my very first giveaway.
And all you have to do is post something about this blog on Facebook and comment below that you did so and you are interested in this copy! I will announce a winner this weekend!


  1. I think I broke the rules. I posted a link to one to your EMeals post on facebook instead of this post. EMeals has changed my grocery shopping life :)

  2. Jesssssss you obviously win sweet friend! have you read this book? i loved stand can't wait to share it with you! email me the address you want me to send it to please: katyrichmond@live.com

  3. I haven't read it. I am really looking forward to it though! I just emailed you :)