Friday, June 17, 2011

HP Year 6

Thursdays are quickly becoming my favorite nights. Last Thursday I had a complete relaxation evening, and last night I did the same thing. David and I grabbed a pizza, watched some Friends DVDs, did laundry, and just lounged. I read a bunch of Potter, Year 6 too. Oh boy, I love these books. I can’t get over it! I just about had a panic attack when I read that movie 7, part 2 (and final, so sad), comes out in less than a month and I haven’t gotten that far yet! I will probably cheat and see it before I read it as I have done with the book 6, but I don’t know if I am morally okay with that.
As you all know (assuming you are as big of dorks as I am), book/movie 6 is uhhhhmazing! And sorry about the spoiler alert, but I think I’m the last person in the world to read these anyway; I am on the part with the explanation of horcruxes and soul splitting – deep, I know.

I love all of the talk in this section about the greatest weapon being love, about how people can walk around with split souls, but are they really living?, and just about choosing the right path. Okay, and the last dork comment for the day, I stopped reading last night at one of my favorite parts – Harry was telling Ron and Hermione that he was leaving to go with Dumbledore in search of one of the horcruxes, and he refused to take the lucky potion, but instead left it with them – ordering them to drink it and to give Ginny some too. Oh man. Isn’t that how we all feel when we might be in danger and are instead worried about our loved ones. We can stand to put ourselves in danger but cannot live with thinking about our loved ones in danger.
Okay, I promise, I’m done (for now) blabbing on about Harry and his friends.

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