Thursday, April 21, 2011

Robin Egg Blue

When David and I found our house and showed my adoring inlaws, my mother-in-law could only gasp and say it was her very favorite color, robin egg blue.

One issue with our house was that over one window, a bird had pecked through where a wire/tubey thing goes into the underneath section of our roof. It's confusing, but I was worried that there would be birds in our attic! So a few weekends ago David had to climb a ladder and pull out a nest (as I stood there, steadying the ladder and trying not to cry) that thank goodness, did not have any eggs in it yet. I was sad for the bird that sat on a tree limb and yelled at us the entire time. I have been worried about where she would build her new nest...

All my worrying ended a few days ago when I saw something flutter out of the corner of my eye on our porch. The bird found a new nest home in the wreath on our front door! I am thrilled! David's not so much.

David called me to the door this morning and look what we found!!

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  1. Watch out for Bluejays! Do you remember that we had a nest and eggs like that in the wreath on our front porch growing up? Mom would have to scare off the blue jays because they eat little bird eggs like that. So beware of the jays!