Thursday, April 7, 2011

An April Reading List

My reading list for the next month (Seriously, I am giving myself exactly one month to complete these, you can hold me to it):
-          Harry Potter book 4..I’m almost done and oh boooy!
-          Radical Loving Care by Erie Chapman
-          Leading Change by John P. Kotter
-          The Power of  a Praying Woman (my small group would definitely agree that we need to finish this book; we’ve been slackers)
I know this is only three and a half quick books and I should finish these in a week or two, not a month. But in light of “getting real,” I figured that between United Way Community Investment projects and presentations, YWCA board meetings, supporting my husband with his one million commitments, attending church, Sunday school, and small group, and leading my very first PowerWorks SPM and EMR Implementation 90 miles away, you might cut me some slack and give me a month…or not point fingers and laugh when it’s five or six weeks even.
Now, I’m not sure that you care to read Leading Change along with me, but I totally think you should read Harry Potter. I have thought, from the day something came over me and I begged my mom to order these from her school book fair for me, that this is very odd for me. At a previous time, I would have all high and mightily rolled my eyes at you if you told me to read this series. But now, roll your eyes at me, get over your literary self begging you not to stoop to this fairy tale like level of reading, and read them. You owe it to yourself to give it a try. And be glad that I didn’t post my original draft, which was all about my excitement for our new clinic and all the details of my project plan for my first lead! I am so excited I can’t sleep, but you would be yawning. Consider yourselves lucky, and once again, acknowledge how wonderful my husband is because I tell him all about it instead of posting it here.

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  1. I'm interested and am going to Google those books right now- okay maybe just Radical Loving Care, but still. I can't wait to hear all about your first demo PowerWoman! :)