Thursday, July 10, 2014


Belle is a messy and fun little 19 month old. David and I are not messy at all. I can’t even go to sleep at night if there is a glass in the sink or a sock in the hallway. I’m not claiming my house is always in perfect condition, just that we really prefer things to be tidy.


I have been trying to not let my OCD ways get in the way of Annabelle exploring, creating, and just getting messy. Over this weekend I realized where I get it from. I was letting Annabelle sit in her chair and explore with some flour. And I could tell my poor mom was just cringing and trying not to “help” her play a little bit cleaner. My mom kept asking me “is this okay?” when Belle would get a little bit messier. I thought she might die when I let Annabelle see what happened to the flour when she added a little bit of water and used her hands to mush it all together.

She was a mess, her highchair was a mess, and my floor was a mess. But for ten minutes, Annabelle was contained and happy while I chatted with my sisters and mom and washed dishes. That’s priceless!


Another thing that she has been loving to do is to “help” me cook. Oh boy. This is messy and it takes twice as long to cook a simple dinner, but I love this time with her. I ask her what colors the ingredients are, if she thinks they will taste sweet or salty, if she thinks she will like them, and just anything I can think of to hear her say her little “yeah!” and “no no!”. She is such a doll and I hope she always wants to help me cook. I daydream about her coming home from school as a 16 year old girl and throwing her backpack on a stool and chatting with me about her day while we cook dinner.

Hopefully I won’t ever mess that up by worrying about a little bit of ricotta cheese on her outfit and my floor.

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