Tuesday, July 29, 2014

20 Weeks

We had our sonogram this past week and we are ecstatic with the news that our little baby is perfect and healthy and growing right on schedule! I cannot explain the feeling when the sonographer starts in on the details of a healthy baby. I am in shock and awe with how amazing this little life is.


I am feeling great and the baby is doing great and so we are taking time to celebrate that! We had our family and some friends over Friday to celebrate and announce the good news. And we spent the weekend daydreaming about what this little one means to our family and all the plans we get to start working on now.


I have been running, swimming, and doing the elliptical along with taking walks with David and Annabelle as often as possible in this amazing weather. All of my hard work has paid off because I hadn’t gained any weight between these appointments, or maybe a pound. I really am okay with gaining weight, but I just wanted to make sure it’s under control. Now that I’m feeling good and know the baby is perfect, I will continue to run and eat as healthy as possible. My doctor says I’m right on schedule for weight gain.


This little, perfect baby is 10 ounces and has a heart rate of 142. How sweet is this profile. I stare at it all day! 







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