Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sick of the Cold

This has been such a cold, snowy winter. I usually love all seasons, but I’m pretty ready for this season to be over and move on to Spring. I was thinking this over the weekend when David announced that it was supposed to snow again. I could have cried. David found my reaction pretty funny…”almost cried” is a bit of an understatement. I felt like crawling back in bed. It snowed Sunday and we might have more today. In order to boycott, I have pulled out my Spring clothes and am set on wearing these bright colors every day. I also sent out a “Save the Date” to my family for our Memorial Day Pool Party. Seriously. I did. I was leaving an early meeting at the hospital today, bundling on my twelve layers, and glaring at my stupid heavy coat and snow boots when I looked up to see a man in a wheelchair with one leg passing me. He smiled at me and said hello. I asked how he was doing and he replied with “it’s a beautiful day!” If he can find the beauty in the snow and cold, surely I can too. I will wear my winter, comfy sweaters for a few more weeks and smile about my boots, that come the end of September, I will be dying to wear again. Lesson learned.

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