Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pinterest Heart Cake

I tried a Pinterest recipe today that I pinned months ago. ( I have to admit, the cake didn't come out as beautiful as I thought it would. My two hurdles were getting the cakes out of the pans and having them be two different heights. The circle cake plopped right out, but the square cake came out in pieces that I had to try to reassemble. I used icing and put it in the refrigerator a little bit. Then it turned out okay to ice the rest. However, the circle pieces were taller than the square for some reason. 

So it might not be too pretty, but it's Funfetti and vanilla icing with sprinkles - my handsome Valentine's favorite cake!


  1. So cute! It reminds me of the Easter bunny cakes!

  2. I made this for Brady last year :) it was when I accidentally doubled the frosting and it was two inches thick- opps!

  3. Love this! But I love that you are back even more:-)