Friday, February 21, 2014

Bag Lady

One of my best friends made Annabelle the cutest diaper bag when I was pregnant with her. I absolutely love it! It's bright pink with a purple liner. I will take a picture tonight and add it. I have loved carrying it. The only issue is that I love having everything with me at all times, in one convenient spot, and this bag just isn't big enough. Honestly, I don't need all the things that I carry for Annabelle, and she definitely doesn't need them. It's just one of my weird things. I am big on comfort items, even though I have a baby who couldn't care less about them. I'm a pusher.

I do feel like she has so much stuff right now. I end up taking multiple bags with us everywhere. I've been on the hunt for a diaper bag that will hold her lunchbox, sippy, and snacks, favorite blanket (okay, my favorite blanket that I'm pushing on her to be her favorite too), her favorite stuffed animal duck (please see previous parenthetical note), her noise machine (that she doesn't care about but I find comforting to have with us just in case), and of course her normal diaper bag essentials...sanitizing wipes, diapers, creams, wipes, and on and on.

I have always loved Kipling. I think their stuff is adorable. I am looking at these two items right now and trying to decide if they might be big enough to only have to carry the one bag with us everywhere, but not huge pieces of luggage. And maybe she will like them a little later in life for her first sleepovers? That is, if I ever let her go anywhere overnight...

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