Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Little Artist

I found this easy recipe for homemade finger paint ( and couldn't wait to try it with miss Belle this weekend. We packed up and went to the store to get all the ingredients and then came home so I could make it while she rolled around on the floor, wrestling with David (her truly favorite past time). 

It was really easy. The full directions are on the blog I sited above. But basically, you just boil the corn starch and water and then add it to the  gelatin. 

I wasn't sure what "mostly clear" meant but I must have been close enough because it all worked out.

The boiled corn starch and water

The soaked gelatin

Then comes the food coloring.

I only had two empty mason jars but wanted the third color so I used one of my white (now probably green tinted forever) salsa bowls.

Annabelle had a great time!! And you know I plan on framing these masterpieces.

(She definitely tried to eat some)

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