Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tile. Check!

Remember those crazy pictures of our kitchen floor...a.k.a. three layers of laminate ranging from 1970 on?

Well after many, many hours of hard work from our boys, our kitchen floor is completed and beautiful. I love it.

We are knocking out these projects in preparation of Baby Girl Richmond. This weekend we are going to Babies R Us to buy some staples and start the set up of her room!

If you are from my area, or if you are ever anywhere near my northwest corner of Missouri, you have to check out the cutest decorating store we have! Mary Carol is from the area and she followed her dreams and opened a decorating store. She is so wonderful and last year, she was our speaker at Women of Excellence for the YWCA. I love her store, her style, and her bubbly personality.  My mother in law sent me one of her recent newsletters, and check out a nursery she just did! Our nursery walls are light green (remember when I painted last Spring?) and we have been thinking about incorporating grey and purple and maybe some pinks. After seeing these pictures, I'm even more excited to check out this look for BGR (Yep, from here on out BGR is little Baby Girl Richmond). I love Nell Hill's! Check it out for yourself ( ...especially around Fall. I'm obsessed.

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