Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yesterday we had another appointment. I love our appointments because we get to be reassured that our baby girl is growing strong. And boy is she growing! Well, at least one of us is...I will be 26 weeks along on Friday and have gained 17 pounds. I feel wonderful though. And the appointment was great. I had my stomach measured and everything is perfectly on track. And I had a glucose and iron test through some bloodwork and all of that must have been perfect too because it is "no news is good news" and I heard nothing. The glucose drink really wasn't bad at all. And our doctor starting talking to us about classes and birthing methods. I can't wait to research and research all of this. I will let you all know how it's going.

Last night after the appointment we came home and built our crib! I will share more pictures once the room is not complete chaos. We are having so much fun preparing for this little girl's arrival. Next weekend we are going shopping to buy the crib sheets and curtains for her room!

This is what 25.5 weeks looks like if you plaster a big peace sign on your belly. Something has to jazz up my workout, so it might as well be cute tank tops!

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