Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Almost 25 Weeks!

I am just a couple of days away from being 25 weeks along! We can't believe that time is flying by like this. We are getting so excited about our little girl. I feel her move all the time now; I think she's a gymnast. And David has felt her a few different times.

Some things that I am loving about this time are my Heath addiction (I can't get enough vanilla ice cream and Heath pieces), the way David completely pampers me and tells me how beautiful I look (lemme tell ya single ladies, hold out for a perfect man like my husband!), and our morning walks. Each morning I think about how pretty soon our morning walks won't be just David, Bo, and me...this makes me extremely excited and a little sad at times. I'm trying to cherish each and every moment of this pregnancy, not just because of what a beautiful blessing this is, but because each moment might be the last of that same moment that it's just me and David. I want to soak it in.

I think I've gained about 18 pounds, but I don't really know. I have a doctor's appointment next week. I haven't been nauseous at all (if you don't count the Nashville weekend). I've been sleeping not so great, but it's okay because usually when I am laying there awake and uncomfortable I get to move her move around. And I have been eating great! I can eat all the fruits and vegetables I want, and I cannot stop eating ice cream or yogurt. She must have really strong bones.

This weekend my friend showed me this completely adorable site to order bows from! You mix and match the headbands and flowery bows. Too cute! So you know we had to buy a few....

And our very favorite combinations.....

Go Chiefs! Go Griffons! Go Mizzou!!!

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