Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Night

I have been trying to get myself a little bit more organized for the week on Sunday nights. Mondays are pretty hectic for us with work and small group (and now it is duck hunting season so my husband wakes up in the 4 am range for that - read: I wake up at 4 am-ish). 

I love, love, love this stage with Annabelle, but boy does feeding her take some time, love, and planning. My little girl loves to eat and I'm so thankful for that. She is still nursing four times a day and she's eating baby food plus finger foods.

I try my hardest to make her meals as healthy as possible. During the work week I need to plan her breakfast and lunch for each day. On a normal day she wakes up and I nurse her and then she goes to daycare to eat her breakfast. Then I go nurse her over lunch and feed her her lunch or help get it set up for her babysitter to feed her.

So tonight it dawned on me that maybe I could make the majority of her food and just send it on Monday instead of each night. (My babysitter has suggested this for quite some time.)

For breakfast I make her a combination of thawed breast milk, oatmeal, prunes, and applesauce. Then she will eat some eggs. So I made those today and will send those in a Baggie to reheat. 

For lunch she will eat a a cube or two of veggies I have made (peas, sweet potatoes, or carrots) with some rice and thawed breast milk. Then she will have her very favorite, blueberries (that I pre cut into fourths and froze), and green beans (also cut up and ready). I also send a little yogurt in case she's still hungry. And of course, I take puffs everywhere just in case.

Tonight I also made my friend's granola bar recipe for me and Davey. These are really more like no bake cookies in a bar format, but granola bars sounds healthier :)

Do you have any tips for me for fun, healthy things to pack for Annabelle? You should know I am a complete freak about small bite sizes (if you didn't already get that from the cutting blueberries in fourths comment). 

Happy Sunday friends! 

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