Friday, September 6, 2013

5 on Friday

1 - I found the cutest little things on Uncommon Goods website. Do you all know about this cute site? I think Belle needs these silly socks! I am already thinking about little Birthday gifts for little Bella bug and stocking stuffers. 

2 - I am pretty sure I have had the same haircut since about middle school. My brother in law owns a salon (check out The Salon on the Plaza if you are ever in KC! and is always telling me I should try short hair. I am just so plain though! I always think I will chop it and then wuss out. I am lovvvving Kelly Ripa's hair these days though. I might just give it a try. I mean, seriously, my hair is too long to fit in pictures!

3 - I have been finding some seriously cute things at Old Navy lately! My only issue is that I refuse to buy anything there unless it is on sale - like extreme clearance sale prices- because although it is so inexpensive to start with, the next day it will be half off or half off of half off! Plus once you wash it once it might come out shaped differently anyway. 

Here are the dresses I am keeping my eye on though. I went and tried the pink one on this weekend and it fits SO cute! I want it with black tights this fall. And the white one I think will look cute this fall still with golds and tans.

4 - David's cousin Suzy is an amazing, talented artist. I have bragged on her many, many times. She is the one that made Annabelle's quilt. She has now launched her website and Facebook page where you can order custom quilts! I am so excited! Take a minute and check out her pages. She is so awesome! 

Belle lovin' on her quilt. 

5 - Our sweet Bella Kayle is 9 months old today! I cannot believe that statement is true. I still try to pretend she's a little baby at times, but honestly, this stage is SO much fun. I love her little attitude and her giggles and open mouthed kisses. I just love everything about her right now. Last night she had a rough night sleeping. She has never liked to be cuddled or rocked to sleep, but for some reason she let me hold her for a few minutes and she laid on me. I spent the whole time thanking God for that moment and trying not to cry and wake her up. It only lasted a few minutes (the cuddles, not the awake time - that lasted hours!), but it was so precious for me. She is so amazingly wonderful.

Happy 9 months Bella bear! She has now been out in the world as long as I carried her :) (She is 39 weeks old)

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