Friday, August 23, 2013

Blog Ignorant

Okay, I have to admit something here. I have absolutely NO idea how all of you “link up” and do fun things. I am jealous of your Tuesday Topics and 5 on Fridays. Does someone have to invite me to be a part of these things? Honestly, I am completely ignorant on how to run a good blog…but, I have a really cute baby and dog, right?


Anyway, if anyone could enlighten me on how to do these things, I would love, love, love to participate. I am such a nerd that I have even drafted some posts from your fun topics and prompts and just not posted them because I don’t get it…


Today on my way to work I was thinking about how it really smelled like Fall with my windows down. And that got me so excited about my favorite pumpkin scented candle. It’s the cheapy, WalMart brand, and it smells fabulous and scents the entire room! I think they are like three bucks! It’s one of my very favorite Fall steals.


If I knew how to do 5 on Friday it would be one of my picks today.



  1. hahaha! You make me laugh! Just go to the blog that is hosting the link up like hellohappiness and then scroll down past all the people that already have linked up and click enter here. Follow directions and that's it! I saved the five on friday picture to my pictures so I could post it on my blog. call me if you want me to walk you through it.

  2. You girls are both just fab! Thank you! Tiffany I want to do your next round of Tuesday Topics!