Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh Baby Food

I’ve been making my own baby food for Annabelle. There are a few reasons I’ve chosen to do this. Some are normal person reasons (I like controlling what is in her food and making as healthy of choices as possible…) some aren’t (I feel guilty walking into the baby food aisle at HyVee…like other moms walk by wearing their babies, drinking their green tea in recycled cups, and tisk tisking me for not being more natural).

But regardless, I’ve been doing it and it’s pretty easy and fun. I have it down to a fine art so that I can make a vegetable for the whole week in one quick nap time.

Here are the staples for us right now.

-          Sweet potatoes
-          Peas
-          Carrots
-          Bananas
-          Apples
-          Pears
-          Green beans

I try to buy all of these items organic. Then all I have to do is steam the vegetables and put them in my magic bullet with some stored breast milk, and puree them to death. Then I scoop them into about one tablespoon serving sizes and put them in a tray. After they cool I freeze the tray and the next morning put them in baggies.

Instead of an ice cube tray I use my Wilton mini brownie silicone mold. It has worked perfectly!

If you would like more detail about this, and would like to hear from someone that is probably doing this for more normal person reasons than I, check out Chronicles of a Babywise Mom blog:

Happy Pureeing

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  1. Lol love your reasons for making baby food. Those baby wearing all natural mommas are a little too judgy sometimes. I plan on making Elliott's food when he gets to that point for the same reason...I want to control what he eats. Simple as that. I'll have to check out the baby wise site, thanks for sharing!