Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bad Grades in Diapering

I got this text from my best friend/babysitter today. “We managed a poopy diaper today without a blowout!” Who would have known that this would be cause for celebration? You are going to think I overthink everything (if you don’t already know that about me), but to me, this message translated to: I finally figured out the appropriate size of diapers to put on my daughter. Dramatic? Yes.

Ask my poor husband. I make everything about Annabelle’s life dramatic right now. Even to the point of knowing which size and brand of diapers to buy. To me, every decision and event translates to some grade. The other day she went through three outfits because of diaper blowouts. Three! Obviously I deserved a D for that day. I wouldn’t give myself an F quite yet because I at least remembered the diapers…however I did forget spare outfits and Annabelle had to borrow her friend’s outfits…so now, thinking back, I should have received a D-.

So you can see, that when I receive a message from my saint of a sitter that says “We managed a poopy diaper today without a blowout!” I get to celebrate with a big fat A for diapering.

By the way, what brand of diapers do you all use? Maybe you could jump start my Honor Roll Student status…at least for the class of appropriate diapering.

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  1. Welcome back to blog world! Such a cute post!! Diaper blowouts are the worst!