Thursday, February 23, 2012


Over the past couple of months, our church and small group have been focusing on doing life together. Lately, to us, this has meant letting people know who we truly are and loving them while they let us get to know them. During this season of Lent, my mom is focusing on a random act of kindness and acknowledging those we are thankful for. One day she brought donuts to her friends at work. She is also going to write thank you notes to her friends and other things. 

I love this idea and am planning to do the same. Along those lines, I am going to work, every single day, on being a better wife and friend. My husband, in case I haven't told you, is absolutely A-mAzing. He is the hardest worker I know. He is the most faithful friend. And he has been focused on God and being the best husband. In my small group, the women started reading a wonderful book together that is centered on growing our marital relationships. I have already enjoyed it a lot.

And this week I started praying for four of the characteristics the book has mentioned. I am praying that I can do a better job adoring, loving, appreciating, and respecting my husband. And I want to start there and continue those on to all of my relationships. I don't think a friend that appreciates your friendship talks about you behind your back. If I adore my friends, I wouldn't be jealous. If I respect my parents, I wouldn't be so short with them. If I love my sisters, I can grant them more grace. So every day I am going to pray that I can be a more loving, adoring, appreciative, and respectful friend and spouse.

What are you asking God to show you about your own life or relationships during this season of Lent?

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