Sunday, February 26, 2012

House Projects Again

Yep, we are at it again. I know that I keep saying we are working on things, but we really are. House projects are slow to me - it's like you work really hard, save up for what you want to do, pick everything out, and then have to figure out how to complete them.

We are so very blessed with such wonderful friends. I am so overwhelmed with joy these days. The reason I am bringing up my friends in the same breath as my house projects, is because the two are going hand in hand these days. We are all helping each other make our homes better.

Last week the boys came over and put in three new light fixtures while the girls painting our friend's trim white in their new home.

Here's a look at our embarrassing old fixture in the dining room. I know.

And this beauty was our bedroom light fixture. Again, I know....

And actually I don't mind this light at all, in fact we might use it somewhere downstairs, but this was in our kitchen and gave off absolutely zero light. It's actually similar to the one we ended up putting in our dining room (but our new dining room light is white instead of cream and bigger if you can't tell in the pictures below).

Here are the fellas in action. Please notice Dave and our friend are on stools or chairs, and no, Brady, #8 in red, is not...

Here is the new, bright, happy, wonderful lights in my bedroom and the dining room...Thank you boys!!

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