Monday, September 12, 2011

"These are the days"

Last night David and I drove home from Kansas City, from a weekend packed completely full with the people we love and wonderful memories. A couple of years ago Sister #2 had me listen to this song that has been on repeat in my head for the past week, and last night was on repeat on our drive home from our wonderful weekend. One of the parts I love the most goes like this:

"We're making moments we won't forget
We fill in ones that haven't happened yet
Whooa, whooa, whooa, whooa, whooa
We can't forget these are the days"

As you can tell from my last few posts, I am so busy loving my life right now that it's hard to take any time to even pause and write about it. But this weekend deserves a post. And if what they say is true and a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe you will cut me some slack and not make me try to explain the happiness this weekend filled my heart with - you can see it in all these pictures anyway.

It all started with a surprise from one of my dearest friends - this is the friend that had to move the day after our wedding. She flew back with her tiny baby to surprise our other dear friend at her baby shower. I can't describe what this did to my heart. I am a big ball of emotions these days. Look at the joy on these faces.


My beautiful mom with the beautiful momma-to-be!

Sister #1 molding a baby themed sculpture with my mom and mother in law - ask her what she made.

How gorgeous is this woman?

Surprise! Our Kimi Girl!

The baby shower hostesses.

And then, right from this shower, David picked me up so we could rush to KC for the beautiful Bahrke/Diederich wedding. It was a night filled with family, friends, dancing, and so much love I could barely handle it. This group of friends is a constant inspiration to me.

Sister #2 and cute David

Sister #4 and me enjoying the wonderful dinner.

Absolute joy.

And then, from the wedding we woke up early and headed to the Chiefs game. The game was on 9-11 - the ten year anniversary of 9-11 that is. We were able to take some time before the game and remember, pray, and celebrate everything that 9-11 means to our country. The ceremony was very emotional and somber, but at the same time, the stadium was filled with love and hope. You could honestly feel an entire body of people praying and remembering together. It was beautiful and I will remember this ceremony as a precious moment in a very sad time.

Sister #2 and her fiance!

Dine and Dish Chicago, me, and Sister #2

Mrs. Diederich and a wonderful friend!

I hope you also had a wonderful weekend with the people you love the most.

Disclaimer: You might notice that Sister #1 and I didn't sneak in one picture together this weekend. Urgh.

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