Monday, September 5, 2011

3 Day Weekend Fun!

Since I have spent about seven hours reading articles and books for class this weekend. I decided to share the fun things I did in between reading and homework instead of posting about technical communication or my job this time. You're welcome.

So Friday David and I had homemade pizza night and wine. And yes I did still wake up at 6 and run 6 miles Saturday morning, pizza and wine and all. Hooray.

David preparing the pizza dough that you cannot see in this one but it really is above his head!

Pizza dough ready

Bo inspecting pizza dough (also please notice the hideous knobs on the cabinet. This will come up again in this post.)

David preparing the pizza and me doing my job: staying out of the way and drinking wine.

Our finished pizza! My side was all cheese and his was pepporoni and sausage. Yum!

Then Saturday after my run I had coffee on my deck with Sister #4 and then met Sister #1 at Target. It was a wonderful morning full of sister time. The only negative was that Sister #2 wasn't here, but I get to spend all next weekend with her (I promise a post on this after next weekend - a baby shower, wedding, and Chiefs home opener kind of weekend!).

Then, since David was spending some time with his friends I decided to start a few projects before going to a movie with my adorable mom. Project 1 was to remove ugly wallpaper border from our room. This was a fail. I worked for two hours and removed one tiny section. My mom has promised to come help me do this soon since this is obviously not normal. But then again, the border is not normal! Look at this, it drives me crazy every night. I lay in bed and wish it would disappear:

Project 2 was new cabinet knobs! Sister #1 suggested I try painting the knobs before investing in thirty new knobs. Here is a before and after. I'm thrilled with the results. I had to sand them and then spray paint them twice over a 24 hour period.



So between running, studying, reading, and cleaning, I was able to do some fun crafts, cook a few dinners with my husband, and prepare for a fun four-day week! I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend too.

Oh, and I had a few pumpkin lattes and then bought this pumpkin candle. I am obsessed with this cheap Wal Mart brand that smells great when you burn it - and their pumpkin scent is back! I love Fall!

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