Friday, October 25, 2013

Pottery Barn Halloween

I love personalizing Pottery Barn trinkets. I am obsessed with Annabelle's stocking (that I had personalized and ordered before "we" had decided her name for sure :) ) and we love her Easter basket that we've used all year to hold some of her blankets and toys - it sits in her room year round.

Here are the items that I love for Halloween. And how perfect that one says Belle in the example? I think she needs two treat bags - one for her Princessy side and one for her spooky side.

I plan on buying a personalized holiday plate for every holiday. I think this one is so cute for Halloween week. Do you know of any Etsy stores or anywhere that has cuter ones to personalize? When she's a little older I will take her to paint her own for each holiday.

Also from Pottery Barn are these two cute Halloween books.

Since we moved into our house this summer, we don't have very many seasonal decorations. Acquiring these items is a process. I plan on shopping the sales after each holiday for the next year's decorations. It's crazy how quickly each little ten or twenty dollar trinket adds up! 

Of course, my favorite Fall decoration is anything that includes Belle:

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