Friday, October 4, 2013

4 Years

Four years ago David and I re-met. Four years ago David and I were flirting a little through Facebook and some texts. In four years we have dated and got engaged, got married, both quit our jobs and moved cities and started new jobs. We have bought two houses and our baby was born. I can't believe all we've done in four years and how much fun it has been, seriously each month is better than the last.

But rewind to that weekend four years ago. I was a girl at a Chiefs tailgate, partying with my friends, and blushing because the coolest guy said hi to me. The Chiefs played the Giants the last weekend in September. You won't believe me but four years ago I knew I wanted to have a life with that cool guy. 

This past weekend, the last weekend in September, the Chiefs played the Giants. David and I packed up and headed down to that (almost the same) tailgate. I was anxious because this was the first time I left my baby for someone else to wake up to in the morning. I wasn't sure how my day would go without snuggling her first thing, and believe me, I missed her and couldn't get home fast enough. But while I was there at that tailgate, watching that same cool guy, I couldn't help but be completely overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. 

I had the very best day. 

I totally had a Bella sock in my pocket that day. What? It had a football on it.

Go Chiefs!!

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