Friday, October 18, 2013

Growing My Own Grass

Last night one of my favorite people came over. My little sister is so much fun and in the past few months, we've re-grown closer. Sister #4 and I grew up very close, and for the most part, we've stayed that way. We have been sisters, classmates, roommates, and friends. In the past few years we've gotten busy (insert any huge, dumb excuse here) and I would say grown a part just a tad. The last few months have been great and I feel like I have one of my best friends back! Last night she came over and we sipped a Fall beer and got on the topic of reading as we so frequently do. (I know, we are wild.) She asked me if I'm reading any good books right now. I perked right up and said "Yes, I'm reading a really interesting one." Now it's time for my confession. This book that I proceeded to tell her about is the same one I committed to reading sometime back in, oh let's just say, July! Seriously. I started rambling about the historical fiction book I of five...and haven't gotten even half way through. Then we started talking about books I've read in the past that should be on her list. I was browsing through some old posts and couldn't believe how much I used to read. I know I have a daughter now, but come on! Somehow I still have time to watch all my favorite (stupid) shows and read all my favorite (stupid) magazines. But I don't have time to read books that I love? Odd. As I was perusing Facebook early this morning (again, stupid), I found this little gem of a post that one of my friends found and so graciously shared. I read it and was pretty convicted to sign off of Facebook, like for a good month or two, and dive back into other things that are much more worthy of my time. You might argue that I could just control how much time I spend looking at Facebook, and you should be right. But for some reason, I cannot turn that silly little piece of technology off once it's right in front of me. Do you know, I used to carry a book with me at all times? I'm serious. Not an iPad or tablet. A real, honest to goodness, paper book. My mom would love when I'd come to visit her classroom. She would make a point each time to ask me in front of her students what was in my purse. She knew I would pull out a new book and she would take a minute to encourage her kids to always carry a good book with them. Have you looked around lately when you are waiting somewhere - a doctor's office or grocery store line? I honestly couldn't tell you when the last time I saw someone holding a book, or in fact, not holding their phone. As I'm settling into this beautiful Fall, my daughter's first experience with my favorite season, I am going to turn off my Facebook for a bit, pack a good book, and read something worth reading. Happy Fall My Friends.

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