Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Yesterday was beautiful!! I couldn’t wait to pick up Belle and grill and play outside all night. I’ve always said that Annabelle and I weren’t meant to live in the Midwest. We are both at our best while we are outside in the fresh air. I bundle that little thing up anytime it’s above freezing (which has been next to NEVER this winter) and we head outside even for ten minutes.


We have been blessed with some signs of Spring weather the last couple of days. Annabelle even got to play outside at daycare with the big kids! As soon as we got home we headed straight to the deck to grill out, eat dinner out there, and to walk around and explore.

She loved “helping” David clean up some leaves around the pool and hold my hand and walk everywhere. She points to things and says “hmm?” which I have found I say a lot! I tell her the names of those things, colors, and then let her touch them and try to give her words to describe them. We did this for an hour last night. I know she would do this for hours on end, and I could too! It’s one of my favorite games – watching her learn.


Last night she slept better than she has in months! This weather is good for our souls.

Just look at those pants and shoes covered in dirt. I love it!

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