Sunday, March 9, 2014

Birthday Summary in Pics

This weekend I turned 28. Sheesh. That sounds so much older than 27.

Anyway, we had the best weekend! David and I spent both evenings relaxing, watching movies, and being together. Saturday I was able to meet all of my sisters for a special lunch. It means so much to me when they all come together and we get to celebrate and laugh and cry. They are the greatest women.

Also that day we spent some much needed time with David's family at his sisters (I get so sad his oldest brother and his wife and son live far away, but we've booked our tickets to go see them this summer!) We spent the afternoon there and I got to hold this sweet little guy!

This morning we made breakfast with miss Belle and played outside all day and went for walks. It was honestly exactly what I wanted to do. Spend every waking minute with my little, sweet family.

(I didn't take many pictures with my phone ((which is where I've been posting from)) because I'm using my actual camera and video camera more , in hopes of having my phone out less and less around Belle. It is driving some people crazy because I am bad about responding to texts in a timely manner and I have an even harder time answering calls. I'm trying to find a balance.)

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