Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Best Weekend!

What a weekend!

Since moving into our house, we have had visitors staying with us each weekend! This seems a little hectic at times, but it is exactly what we wanted and thought about when house-hunting. As you know, we quickly outgrew our little blue house once we turned one of the two bedrooms into the nursery for miss Belle. Over the past year we had really started to get sad about not having any room at all to entertain. Even having people over for coffee was a challenge. Enough of that broken record though, I’m so happy to say that we have filled our house with family and friends as much as possible.

Thursday, Sister #2 got in town. After work we laid by the pool, grilled out, watched fireworks, drank yummy drinks, cuddled Annabelle, and talked, talked, talked. Throw in other people to that mix that came and went all weekend, and that pretty much sums up the next few days!

I loved having our dear friends stay Friday night, Sister #4 and my mom over Saturday morning, and Sister #1 and her familySaturday night. In case you want to keep count, we had me, David, Belle and Bo. Then a sister and dog, a friend with her two year old and dog, and then others in and out all weekend. I’m tellin’ ya. Last night, David and I threw ourselves down on the couch to watch a movie and talked about how we went from one extreme to the other. We went from three years of barely hosting to running a little motel. We really couldn’t be happier about this.

And the best little hostess of all is little Bella bear. The minute she wakes up from a nap she is looking around for aunts, cousins, or friends to talk to. It’s a little bit heartbreaking once everyone leaves. She seems to look around corners for her friends. At least she has Bo. J

I hope your weekend was filled with family and friends! Let me know if you ever want to stop by the Richmond hotel. We’d love to have you!

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