Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bulky Bags

I’ve tried so hard to be more fashionable and buy fun, girly purses, but I fail miserably each time. My husband even tries to help. He surprises me with cute things like Coach purses or Vera Bradley wallets, but to no avail. I am too practical. You know what I want? Big bulky bags with tons of zippers that I can throw on the floor of the car, can throw dirty bibs with mushed up peas, and then throw in the washer at the end of the day! I get excited just thinking about that.

Even before Miss Belle was in the picture, I’ve loved big bags to carry all my stuff in. I love having everything with me: snacks so I don’t feel the need to stop and buy gross fast food if I’m out and about, my water bottle, my beloved agenda and journal/notepad, and my one million chapsticks, hand sanitizers, and lotions.

Now having Annabelle attached to me most of the time, I want to be able to keep some wipes and a spare diaper and her toys with me instead of lugging her diaper bag places like the grocery store or church. I rarely take her diaper bag in places. I prefer to just have the necessities (which for her, include a diaper, a Sophie or ring to hold, and my body). So while I’m totally in love with my pink Coach purse (a Mother’s Day gift from my husband), I think I will have to put it away for a while and grab one of these instead.

Which one of these mommy friendly bags do you like?

Joslyn Tote - Kipling
Emmie Tote - Kipling

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