Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Say Cheese...15 weeks

Cheeseburger that is! 

Sorry about the dark self portrait. I'm sure my friend Ally is cringing about this photograph. But it was the best I could do before work this week. This was day one of maternity pants! I borrowed these jeans from my friend Marissa and I am pretty sure I will live in them from here on out. So comfy!

Look at that bump. If you could see me now you wouldn't believe that just four short months ago I wouldn't touch red meat. I had been that way for a few years. It didn't ever settle right for me and I had a lot of stomach problems every time I ate any. Well, that is no longer the case my friends. This baby wants cheeseburgers! I have even tried, in true Phoebe from Friends fashion, to trick this little baby by eating black bean burgers or salmon burgers, anything but hamburgers. But no, no way is this baby havin' it. I have eaten three cheeseburgers in the last week!

And once I've made up my mind that I want one, there's no turning back. One day at lunch I wanted one and opted for a salad filled with beans and eggs for protein instead. I threw up all afternoon until I could get myself and this bump to McDonalds (seriously! McDonalds!). I ate a cheeseburger and was magically healed. I went to the pool and had a wonderful evening after I fulfilled his or her craving (there's no way I'm blaming this on myself or saying "my craving").

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