Friday, June 1, 2012

Baby Richy - Due December 7th

Today I'm 13 weeks pregnant with our first baby Richy. David and I could not be more excited...Bo on the other hand could be. I knew I was pregnant a few days before David did. Well I tried to tell him and he just couldn't believe it. We were so excited all morning, and by lunch had decided we better wait a few days and take a test again because the first line was so faint. I knew in my heart I was pregnant. I took a test every day for the next four days, but David was set on not knowing until the weekend, until he felt more sure. One Thursday night I encouraged him to stop and pick up a pregnancy test that said Pregnant or Not Pregnant. He did, but still thought I should wait until the weekend. Once we got home, I took one of course. I mean, who is he kidding, he knows me right? I have no patience. I asked him if he was sure he wanted to wait until the weekend. I guess he knew that meant it was positive. We spent the next few hours in shock, thanking God that we were having a baby, and just asking each other over and over if it was true. We spent the next few weeks just dying to tell our family and friends, but knew I was only about a month along and that we would have to wait. We tried to cherish this time, this short time that only the two of us (and Bo) knew such a wonderful secret.

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