Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow day snow day

List of things to do on a very snowy Wednesday evening...exactly one month away from the wedding, a list that doesn't include anything weddingish or purple:

- watch your big brown dog run and run in the snow
- light your fire and make grilled cheese for dinner
- shovel once or twice for your workout, even though the snow is still falling at unreal amounts
- chase your big brown dog around some more and laugh when, like a kid, he refuses to come inside to warm up
- watch The Middle, Better With You, Modern Family, Cougartown, and Off the Map... And don't feel guilty about watching three hours of tv
- pop your own popcorn on a commercial break
- smile at your big brown dog, all curled up on his bed, exhausted from his snow day

I will now be hibernating for the rest of the day (and praying that this snow is no indication of the weather one month from now)

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