Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm getting married in ONE MONTH from tomorrow!

I think that I drive some people crazy. Probably most people aren’t like my mom and me and change subject mid-sentence, or can carry on a conversation that few would understand because it is actually ten conversations in one. But I guess I do this, and I guess it drives people crazy, and I guess if you have stuck with me this long, you would say I do the same thing with whatever I’m reading and supposed to be blogging about. In the past four days I have sat down to write about 400 times, and not only can I not sit still long enough to write an okay blog post, I can’t complete a thought on what I want to blog about before deciding that something else I’m reading incorporates so well that I can’t summarize one reading without going into the next, which makes it very hard for a person like me to blog about. But here it goes, and I’m sorry in advance.
Right now I am reading wedding magazine after wedding magazine until I can’t see or make sense of the difference in words like plum, amethyst, fuchsia, eggplant, lilac, or, plain old purple (and I know you do not want me to blog about this type of reading, it’s bad enough that you have to try to have a conversation with me at this point that doesn’t revolve around the shades of purple).
Would you rather here about the two day reading I did on the differences between EMRs/EHRs/PHRs? No? Too late, here’s an overview because I think you should know:
An EMR is health-related information created, gathered, managed, and consulted by licensed clinicians and staff from a single organization who are involved in the individual’s health and care. Whereas an EHR is the aggregate electronic record of health related information on an individual that is created and gathered cumulatively across more than one health care organization and managed and consulted by licensed clinicians and staff. An EHR is an EMR with interoperability. A PHR is a health-related cumulative record on an individual, drawn from multiple sources. It is created, gathered, and managed by the individual. Want to know what I do? No? Again, too late. I implement and facilitate adoption of PowerWorks, which is an EMR, but LACIE, the information exchange that owns me (and yes, lately especially, they own me) helps to make this EMR an EHR for a number of reasons I will not go into here.
Because I have a feeling I’ve already said too much, but just in case anyone is still reading, I will tell you the three other things I am actively reading. And although it’s hard to see it right now, these three really tie in together. I am still reading and still inspired by Tender, Loving Care and the book by my friend, Donna, Prevent Cancer God’s Way. And as I drift off to sleep thinking all of my thoughts about the wedding, my career, being healthy, and having a servant’s heart, I read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
And somewhere between exhausted awake-ness and peaceful sleep last night, Tom Sawyer told me that “work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do, and. play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do." With peacefulness that I can’t put words to, I admitted to myself that somewhere in all this reading, the lines between work and play blurred for me. No one told me to read these things outside of work, but I do because I love it. Because I want to know how to get some clinic in rural Missouri the most meaningful use money they can get, because I know that if I serve those who serve the sick, there will be less sick people, and because those that are sick are people, Tom Sawyer like little boys that remind me of Seth and Eli, and I want them to be well.
So I want to prevent as much illness as I can and pass this information on to others (Prevent Cancer God’s Way), I want to compassionately teach healthcare providers how this EMR and EHR can help them do their job better (EMR/EHR/PHR research and Tender, Loving Care), and I want to never forget that those tiny patients are someone’s little boys that should be out running around doing silly little boy things (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer). The purple wedding details are just for fun.

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