Monday, January 10, 2011

RIP Christmas Tree

This weekend I did two things. Wedding Planned and De-Christmasized the North 32nd Street house.
Saturday I did wedding things with my mom all day and made a lot of progress. I worked hard to be a good bride and make decisions. Sunday I worked out harder than I've worked out in a long time by taking down Christmas decorations and cleaning the house. I put everything red and gold (this year's theme) where it should go in the garage, moved all furniture to dust, sweep, and mop, and arranged everything in a new, non-Christmaslike way. The only thing I could not do on my own was dispose of the tree. I did manage to remove all the ornaments and get it out the front door. However, that's the best I could do. And then it started snowing and hasn't stopped. So, instead of worrying about this, I am going to cuddle in my clean house and read a good book. And you are welcome to drive by and laugh at our new lawn decoration.

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